Leading private investor website ADVFN (LSE:AFN) has identified the 10 most followed stocks so far this year.

Schroder UK Public Private Trust Plc (formerly Woodford Patient Capital Trust Plc) has seen the highest interest amongst the retail investor community on www.advfn.com since 2020 trading commenced. However, it is companies operating in the oil, gas and energy sectors (Lekoil, BP, ITM Power and Royal Dutch Shell), which dominate the top 10 spots. The construction, healthcare and defence sectors get an entry each with Galliford Try, NMC Health and Avon Rubber respectively. Perennial investor favourites Lloyds and BT Group complete the list.

By analysing data from its Follow Feed product, an artificial intelligence tool developed for active private investors, ADVFN can ascertain the most 'followed' stocks amongst its 36 million userbase.

The list of the 10 most followed UK-listed stocks so far in 2020 (in order):


Follow Feed keeps track of the stocks and cryptos that an investor selects. It alerts them to key events - such as price breakouts, unusual price action, high volume trades, order book activity, news and announcements and forum comments - and subtle moves for their selected assets as they happen, in a real-time social media-style newsfeed. Users of Follow Feed have amassed over a quarter of a million stock 'follows' since the tool was launched.

"There are many stalwart stocks, which will continue to interest investors for the foreseeable future. However, with the tools and data on ADVFN's award-winning platform at their disposal, users are adept at finding (and following) interesting, lesser known, niche and high potential stocks," said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. "Follow Feed highlights to ADVFN exactly what trading and investing opportunities the private investor community is currently attracted to and gives a heads up about trends in the market."

Private investor discussion of the top 10 stocks mentioned and 1000s more can be seen on ADVFN's Bulletin Boards, which are the busiest in the UK.

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About Follow Feed

Follow Feed provides essential market insights to private investors.

The tool consolidates market data into a single updating social media-style newsfeed, which displays details of price breakouts, unusual price action, high volume trades, order book activity, news and announcements and forum comments for an investors' selected assets.

If a user is browsing ADVFN and sees a stock or crypto of interest, they can just add it to Follow Feed. Subsequently, anything which makes that asset start moving or is unusual will be pushed to their feed for further inspection and research on ADVFN's award-winning platform.

Find out more about Follow Feed: https://www.advfn.com/follow-feed

The Follow Feed app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


ADVFN (www.advfn.com) is an award-winning global stocks, shares and crypto information website providing market-leading financial tools and data to private investors around the world.

Offering real-time share prices, news feeds, charting, portfolio management, monitor lists, financials, data from global stock exchanges, Level 2 and the most active financial bulletin board in the UK (along with many other features), the site is the destination of choice for day traders and retail investors.

Established in the last quarter of 1999, ADVFN (LSE:AFN) was floated on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market in March 2000. The site currently has approximately 36 million users worldwide and a billion-page impressions a year.

Originally a UK-based site, the company currently operates in the US, UK, Brazil, Japan and Dubai.

ADVFN has a joint venture in Brazil, a country in which ADVFN has a geographic and language targeted website. This is in addition to its US, French, German, Italian, Canadian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican and Filipino ADVFN financial sites.

In September 2006 ADVFN acquired InvestorsHub.com, a leading online investment community website in the North American market.

ADVFN bought AllIPO, an online IPO trading platform, as well as stock brokerages TSCTrade and Throgmorton Street Capital in July 2009.

In 2013 ADVFN acquired Finance Manila, a key resource in a rapidly growing market economy.

[i] Based on Follow Feed data between 01.01.20 and 13.01.20

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