MedinCell's annual ESG report goes into detail on the different pillars of its ESG policy, its implementation through concrete and clearly defined objectives, and the evolution of the company's extra-financial data.

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About the publication of this report, Christophe Douat, CEO of MedinCell, declared: "What is called CSR is at the heart of our humanist pharma company model and of the shared-value with all our employees since MedinCell was established. It is a virtuous process of continuous improvement at all levels of the company. This year, we implemented an ESG committee at the highest level of governance to guarantee the sustainability of our commitment. We have also improved our extra-financial performance by working on several topics such as transparency, environment, corporate governance, and ethics. And the best is still to come, with the first treatment based on our technology expected to be approved in 2023. Based on excellent clinical trial results, it should have a real impact on the lives of patients with schizophrenia, on caregivers who support them, and on society. This is our “raison d’être”! »

About MedinCell

MedinCell is a pharmaceutical company at premarketing stage that develops a portfolio of long-acting injectable products in various therapeutic areas by combining its proprietary BEPO® technology with active ingredients already known and marketed. Through the controlled and extended release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, MedinCell makes medical treatments more efficient, particularly thanks to improved compliance, i.e. compliance with medical prescriptions, and to a significant reduction in the quantity of medication required as part of a one-off or chronic treatment. The BEPO® technology makes it possible to control and guarantee the regular delivery of a drug at the optimal therapeutic dose for several days, weeks or months starting from the subcutaneous or local injection of a simple deposit of a few millimeters, fully bioresorbable. MedinCell collaborate with tier one pharmaceuticals companies and foundations to improve Global Health through new therapeutic options. Based in Montpellier, MedinCell currently employs more than 150 people representing over 30 different nationalities.

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Medincell (EU:MEDCL)
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Medincell (EU:MEDCL)
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