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Video Transcript


Deirdre Bosa: Bob Iger, of course entering into a proxy battle with an activist investor, Satya Nadella is facing new pushback on Microsoft's embattled deal for Activision Blizzard, and Elon Musk, of course, always in the spotlight but being forced to cut prices now on Tesla vehicles, with slowing demand as he heads to trial over his 2018 tweets, let's kick it off with Iger. Disney facing pressure from Nelson Peltz saying the media giant that it has lost its way focusing in on the loss of stock dividends, dwindling free cash flow, total shareholder return. Disney brought Iger back into the fold of course to right the ship but can he weather the storm? Joining us now New York Magazine editor at large and host of the podcasts On With Kara Swisher and Pivot. Kara Swisher herself here it's great to have you. I know last time we talked to you are a fan of Iger, you think that he is the right person for this job. But you also believe that Nelson Peltz deserves a seat on the board. Does Nelson Peltz really think that Bob Iger is the right person? He was incredibly critical in that presentation.


Kara Swisher: Yeah, he does. I mean, obviously I think they need a new CEO. I don't…Bob Iger has signed a two year deal and obviously you don't want to bring back the old CEO. You'd have liked the the heir to have done a better job. And so he's what they need right now. And he certainly did a very good job at Disney for years. And so I think it's to calm the waters. And I think Nelson Peltz is looking forward to what's coming next. And I think bringing an activist like this on a Board could be good to move them faster into where they need to go to talk about what they're doing in streaming to talk about someone who could take over for the next 10 years, etc. And so I always think it's always good to have a board that's not all in violent agreement with you who actually does challenge you and Nelson Peltz has proven himself to be very good at this when he was on other boards and so I don't necessarily think he's a disruptive force as much as a questioning force. And as you know, I like questioning forces wherever I go.
























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