Gran Tierra Energy Announces Results of Semi-Annual Credit Facility Redetermination and Final Voting Results of its Annual Meeting of Stockholders
Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (“Gran Tierra” or the “Company”) (NYSE American:GTE) (TSX:GTE) (LSE:GTE) today announced the results of the Company’s semi-annual credit facility redetermination and the voting results from its annual meeting of stockholders held on June 2, 2021.

Results of Semi-Annual Credit Facility Redetermination: The semi-annual redetermination of Gran Tierra’s bank-syndicated revolving credit facility has been completed, and the syndicate of lenders party to the facility has agreed to confirm the facility with no changes. The next redetermination is scheduled for November 2021.

Final Voting Results of Gran Tierra’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders: Stockholders elected all eight individuals nominated by Gran Tierra. In addition, stockholders voted “FOR” the ratification of the appointment of KPMG LLP as Gran Tierra’s independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021, “FOR” the approval, on an advisory basis, of the compensation of Gran Tierra’s named executive officers, and “FOR” the approval of the 2007 Equity Incentive Plan, as amended. The detailed results of the vote are as follows:

Proposal 1            
Election of Directors For % Against % Abstain Non Votes
Gary S. Guidry 108,336,328 92.6% 8,670,150 7.4% 14,281,873 66,720,244
Peter Dey 108,030,207 93.5% 7,529,037 6.5% 15,729,107 66,720,244
Evan Hazell 110,127,583 95.1% 5,646,499 4.9% 15,514,269 66,720,244
Robert B. Hodgins 108,810,542 93.9% 7,084,199 6.1% 15,393,610 66,720,244
Ronald Royal 110,309,757 95.1% 5,651,042 4.9% 15,327,552 66,720,244
Sondra Scott 121,005,573 94.2% 7,418,539 5.8% 2,864,239 66,720,244
David P. Smith 110,452,322 95.3% 5,401,104 4.7% 15,434,925 66,720,244
Brooke Wade 108,887,133 94.0% 6,979,170 6.0% 15,422,048 66,720,244
Proposal 2 For % Against % Abstain Non Votes
Ratification of Appointment of the Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 189,164,308 96.5% 6,915,808 3.5% 1,928,479 0
Proposal 3 For % Against % Abstain Non Votes
Approval of Named ExecutiveOfficer Compensation 112,446,847 86.8% 17,087,380 13.2% 1,754,124 66,720,244
Proposal 4 For   Against   Abstain Non Votes
Approval of 2007 Equity Incentive Plan, as amended 102,994,885 79.3% 26,931,958 20.7% 1,361,508 66,720,244

About Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

Gran Tierra Energy Inc. together with its subsidiaries is an independent international energy company currently focused on oil and natural gas exploration and production in Colombia and Ecuador. The Company is currently developing its existing portfolio of assets in Colombia and Ecuador and will continue to pursue additional growth opportunities that would further strengthen the Company’s portfolio. The Company’s common stock trades on the NYSE American, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GTE. Additional information concerning Gran Tierra is available at Information on the Company’s website (including the Sustainability Report) does not constitute a part of this press release. Investor inquiries may be directed to or (403) 265-3221.

Gran Tierra’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings are available on the SEC website at and on SEDAR at and UK regulatory filings are available on the National Storage Mechanism website at

Contact Information

For investor and media inquiries please contact:

Gary Guidry, Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Ellson, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Rodger Trimble, Vice President, Investor Relations


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