Epic  Company Name 
 3IN  3i Infrastructure Plc
 AAA  All Active Asset Capital Limited
 AADV  Albion Development Vct Plc
 AAEV  Albion Enterprise Vct Plc
 AAIF  Abrdn Asian Income Fund Limited
 AAM  Artemis Vct Plc
 AAS  Abrdn Asia Focus Plc
 AATG  Albion Technology & General Vct Plc
 AAVC  Albion Venture Capital Tst Plc
 ABD  Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust Plc
 ABDN  Abrdn Plc
 ACI  Alternative Credit Investments Plc
 ACIC  Abrdn China Investment Company Limited
 ADIG  Aberdeen Diversified Income And Growth Trust Plc
 AEET  Aquila Energy Efficiency Trust Plc
 AEFS  Alcentra European Floating Rate Income Fund Limited
 AEI  Abrdn Equity Income Trust Plc
 AERS  Aquila European Renewables Income Fund Plc
 AFMC  Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Company Limited
 AGOL  Ashmore Global Opportunities Limited
 AGT  Avi Global Trust Plc
 AIE  Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust Plc
 AJG  Atlantis Japan Growth Fund Ld
 AJIT  Abrdn Japan Investment Trust Plc
 AJOT  Avi Japan Opportunity Trust Plc
 ALAI  Abrdn Latin American Income Fund Limited
 AMAT  Amati Aim Vct Plc
 ANII  Aberdeen New India Investment Trust Plc
 ANW  Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust Plc
 APAX  Apax Global Alpha Limited
 APEO  Abrdn Private Equity Opportunities Trust Plc
 ASCI  Abrdn Smaller Companies Income Trust Plc
 ASIT  Aberforth Split Level Income Trust Plc
 ASL  Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust Plc
 ASLI  Abrdn European Logistics Income Plc
 ATR  Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company Plc
 ATS  Artemis Alpha Trust Plc
 ATST  Alliance Trust Plc
 ATT  Allianz Technology Trust Plc
 ATY  Athelney Trust Plc
 AUCT  Auctus Growth Plc
 AUSC  Abrdn Uk Smaller Companies Growth Trust Plc
 AXI  Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Limited
 BAF  British & American Investment Trust Plc
 BASC  Brown Advisory Us Smaller Companies Plc
 BBGI  Bbgi Global Infrastructure S.a.
 BC12  Better Capital Pcc Limited
 BCA  Bca Marketplace Plc
 BCAP  Better Capital Pcc Limited
 BCI  Bmo Capital & Income Investment Trust Plc
 BEMO  Barings Emerging Emea Opportunities Plc
 BERI  Blackrock Energy And Resources Income Trust Plc
 BFSP  Blackfinch Spring Vct Plc
 BGCG  Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust Plc
 BGEU  Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust Plc
 BGFD  Baillie Gifford Japan Trust Plc
 BGHL  Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited
 BGHS  Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited
 BGLF  Blackstone Loan Financing Limited
 BGS  Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Plc
 BGSC  Bmo Global Smaller Companies Plc
 BGUK  Baillie Gifford Uk Growth Trust Plc
 BHGG  Bh Global Limited
 BHI  Bmo Uk High Income Trust Plc
 BHMG  Bh Macro Limited
 BIOG  Biotech Growth Trust (the) Plc
 BIPS  Invesco Bond Income Plus Limited
 BMD  Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Plc
 BMPG  Bmo Managed Portfolio Trust Plc
 BMPI  Bmo Managed Portfolio Trust Plc
 BNKR  Bankers Investment Trust Plc
 BOOK  Literacy Capital Plc
 BOXE  Tritax Eurobox Plc
 BPET  Bmo Private Equity Trust Plc
 BPT  Bridgepoint Group Plc
 BRCI  Blackrock Com
 BRFI  Blackrock Frontiers Investment Trust Plc
 BRGE  Blackrock Greater Europe Investment Trust Plc
 BRH  Braveheart Investment Group Plc
 BRIG  Blackrock Income And Growth Investment Trust Plc
 BRLA  Blackrock Latin American Investment Trust Plc
 BRNA  Blackrock North American Income Trust Plc
 BRSA  Blackrock Sustainable American Income Trust Plc
 BRSC  Blackrock Smaller Co Trust Plc
 BRWM  Blackrock World Mining Trust Plc
 BSC  British Smaller Companies Vct2 Plc
 BSIF  Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited
 BSRT  Baker Steel Resources Trust Limited
 BTEM  British Empire Trust Plc
 BUR  Burford Capital Limited
 BUT  Brunner Investment Trust Plc
 BVT  Baronsmead Venture Trust Plc
 CBA  Ceiba Investments Limited
 CBP  Curtis Banks Group Plc
 CCJI  Cc Japan Income & Growth Trust Plc
 CCSL  Chenavari Capital Solutions Limited
 CGI  Canadian General Investments Ld
 CGL  Castelnau Group Limited
 CGT  Capital Gearing Trust Plc
 CGW  Chelverton Growth Trust Plc
 CHRY  Chrysalis Investments Limited
 CIP  Cip Merchant Capital Limited
 CLC  Calculus Vct Plc
 CLDN  Caledonia Investments Plc
 CMB  Cambria Africa Plc
 CORD  Cordiant Digital Infrastructure Limited
 CRS  Crystal Amber Fund Limited
 CRWN  Crown Place Vct Plc
 CTY  City Of London Investment Trust Plc
 CYN  Cqs Natural Resources Growth And Income Plc
 CYS  Chrysalis Vct Plc
 D467  Downing Four Vct Plc
 DDV1  Downing One Vct Plc
 DGI9  Digital 9 Infrastructure Plc
 DGN  Asia Dragon Trust Plc
 DIG  Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust Plc
 DIVI  Diverse Income Trust (the) Plc
 DNA  Doric Nimrod Air One Limited
 DNE  Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust Plc
 DORE  Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust Plc
 DSM  Downing Strategic Micro-cap Investment Trust Plc
 DVNO  Develop North Plc
 EDIN  Edinburgh Investment Trust Plc
 EFM  Edinburgh Dragon Trust Plc
 EGL  Ecofin Global Utilities And Infrastructure Trust Plc
 ELX  El Oro Ltd
 ENGI  Energiser Investments Plc
 EOT  European Opportunities Trust Plc
 EPG  Ep Global Opportunities Trust Plc
 EPIC  Ediston Property Investment Company Plc
 ESCT  The European Smaller Companies Trust Plc
 ESO  Epe Special Opportunities Limited
 ET.  Establishment Investment Trust Plc
 EUT  The European Investment Trust Plc
 EWI  Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust Plc
 FAS  Fidelity Asian Values Plc
 FASS  Fidelity Asian Values Plc
 FCH  Funding Circle Holdings Plc
 FCIT  F&c Investment Trust Plc
 FCSS  Fidelity China Special Situations Plc
 FEET  Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust Plc
 FEML  Fidelity Emerging Markets Limited
 FEV  Fidelity European Trust Plc
 FGT  Finsbury Growth & Income Trust Plc
 FJV  Fidelity Japan Trust Plc
 FSFL  Foresight Solar Fund Limited
 FSG  Foresight Group Holdings Limited
 FSV  Fidelity Special Values Plc
 FTF  Foresight Enterprise Vct Plc
 FTSV  Foresight Solar & Technology Vct Plc
 FWD  Forward Partners Group Plc
 GABI  Gcp Asset Backed Income Fund Limited
 GCG  Golden Rock Global Plc
 GCP  Gcp Infrastructure Investments Limited
 GHE  Gresham House Plc
 GMPP  Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust Plc
 GPM  Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited
 GRID  Gresham House Energy Storage Fund Plc
 GRIT  Grit Investment Trust Plc
 GROW  Molten Ventures Plc
 GSEO  Vh Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities Plc
 GSF  Gore Street Energy Storage Fund Plc
 HAN  Hansa Investment Company Limited
 HANA  Hansa Investment Company Limited
 HAST  Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust Plc
 HDIV  Henderson Diversified Income Trust Plc
 HEFT  Henderson European Focus Trust Plc
 HEIT  Harmony Energy Income Trust Plc
 HFEL  Henderson Far East Income Limited
 HGT  Hg Capital Trust Plc
 HHI  Henderson High Income Trust Plc
 HHV  Hargreave Hale Aim Vct Plc
 HICL  Hicl Infrastructure Plc
 HINT  Henderson International Income Trust Plc
 HMSF  Highbridge Multi-strategy Fund Limited
 HNE  Henderson Eurotrust Plc
 HONY  Honeycomb Investment Trust Plc
 HOT  Henderson Opportunities Trust Plc
 HPAC  Hermes Pacific Investments Plc
 HRI  Herald Investment Trust Plc
 HSL  Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc
 HTCF  Highbridge Tactical Credit Fund Limited
 HVPE  Harbourvest Global Private Equity Limited
 HYG  Seneca Growth Capital Vct Plc
 IAT  Invesco Asia Trust Plc
 IBT  International Biotechnology Trust Plc
 ICGT  Icg Enterprise Trust Plc
 IEM  Impax Environmental Markets Plc
 IGC  India Capital Growth Fund Limited
 IGV  Income & Growth Vct (the) Plc
 IIG  Intuitive Investments Group Plc
 IIP  Infrastructure India Plc
 IIT  Independent Investment Trust Plc
 INPP  International Public Partnerships Ld
 INV  Investment Company Plc
 IPE  Invesco Enhanced Income Limited
 IPU  Invesco Perpetual Uk Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc
 IVI  Invesco Income Growth Trust Plc
 IVPG  Invesco Select Trust Plc
 IVPM  Invesco Select Trust Plc
 IVPU  Invesco Select Trust Plc
 JAGI  Jpmorgan Asia Growth & Income Plc
 JAI  Jpmorgan Asian Investment Trust Plc
 JAM  Jpmorgan American Investment Trust Plc
 JARA  Jpmorgan Global Core Real Assets Limited
 JCGI  Jpmorgan China Growth & Income Plc
 JCH  Jpmorgan Claverhouse Investment Trust Plc
 JEDT  Jpmorgan European Discovery Trust Plc
 JEFI  Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust Plc
 JEGI  Jpmorgan European Growth & Income Plc
 JEMI  Jpmorgan Global Emerging Markets Income Trust Plc
 JEO  European Opportunities Trust Plc
 JFJ  Jpmorgan Japanese Investment Trust Plc
 JGC  Jupiter Green Investment Trust Plc
 JGCI  Jpmorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund Limited
 JGGI  Jpmorgan Global Growth & Income Plc
 JII  Jpmorgan Indian Investment Trust Plc
 JLEN  Jlen Environmental Assets Group Limited
 JMF  Jpmorgan Mid Capital Investment Trust Plc
 JMG  Jpmorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust Plc
 JMI  Jpmorgan Uk Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc
 JPB  Jpmorgan Brazil Investment Trust Plc
 JPE  Jpmorgan Elect Plc
 JPGI  Jpmorgan Global Growth & Income Plc
 JPS  Jpmorgan Japan Smaller Co Tst Plc
 JRS  Jpmorgan Russian Securities Plc
 JSGI  Jpmorgan Japan Small Cap Growth & Income Plc
 JUKG  Jupiter Uk Growth Investment Trust Plc
 JUS  Jupiter Us Smaller Companies Plc
 JUSC  Jpmorgan Us Smaller Co. Inv Tst Plc
 JZCP  Jz Capital Partners Limited
 KAY  Kings Arms Yard Vct Plc
 KIT  Keystone Investment Trust Plc
 KPC  Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust Plc
 KRM  Krm22 Plc
 LTI  Lindsell Train Investment Trust Plc
 LWDB  Law Debenture Corporation Plc
 LWI  Lowland Investment Company Plc
 MAJE  Majedie Investments Plc
 MATE  Jpmorgan Multi-asset Growth & Income Plc
 MAV4  Maven Income & Growth Vct 4 Plc
 MAVT  Momentum Multi-asset Value Trust Plc
 MCP  Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Trust Plc
 MCT  Middlefield Canadian Income Pcc
 MERI  Merian Chrysalis Investment Company Limited
 MGCI  M&g Credit Income Investment Trust Plc
 MHN  Menhaden Resource Efficiency Plc
 MIG  Mobeus Income & Growth 2 Vct Plc
 MIG1  Maven Income & Growth Vct Plc
 MIG3  Maven Income And Growth Vct 3 Plc
 MIG4  Mobeus Income & Growth 4 Vct Plc
 MIG5  Maven Income And Growth Vct 5 Plc
 MIGO  Migo Opportunities Trust Plc
 MINI  Miton Uk Microcap Trust Plc
 MIX  Mobeus Income & Growth Vct Plc
 MMIT  Mobius Investment Trust Plc
 MNG  M&g Plc
 MNKS  Monks Investment Trust Plc
 MNL  Manchester & London Investment Trust Plc
 MNP  Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust Plc
 MRC  Mercantile Investment Trust (the) Plc
 MRCH  Merchants Trust Plc
 MTE  Montanaro European Smaller C. Tst Plc
 MTU  Montanaro Uk Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc
 MUT  Murray Income Trust Plc
 MVI  Marwyn Value Investors Limited
 MWY  Mid-wynd International Investment Trust Plc
 MYI  Murray International Trust Plc
 N91  Ninety One Plc
 NAIT  North American Income Trust (the) Plc
 NAS  North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc
 NAVF  Nippon Active Value Fund Plc
 NBLS  Nb Global Floating Rate Income Fund Limited
 NBMI  Nb Global Monthly Income Fund Limited
 NBPE  Nb Private Equity Partners Limited
 NCA  New Century Aim Vct Plc
 NCA2  New Century Aim Vct 2 Plc
 NCYF  Cqs New City High Yield Fund Limited
 NSI  New Star Investment Trust Plc
 NTN  Northern 3 Vct Plc
 OAP3  Octopus Apollo Vct Plc
 OCI  Oakley Capital Investments Limited
 OIT  Odyssean Investment Trust Plc
 OOA  Octopus Aim Vct Plc
 ORIT  Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust Plc
 OSEC  Octopus Aim Vct 2 Plc
 OTV2  Octopus Titan Vct Plc
 OXF  Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust Plc
 P2P  P2p Global Investments Plc
 PAC  Pacific Assets Trust Plc
 PAM  Premier Asset Management Group Plc
 PBLT  Toc Property Backed Lending Trust Plc
 PCFT  Polar Capital Global Financials Trust Plc
 PCGH  Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust Plc
 PCT  Polar Capital Technology Trust Plc
 PEL  Paragon Entertainment Limited
 PEMV  Pembroke Vct Plc
 PEY  Princess Private Equity Holding Limited
 PGOO  Proven Growth & Income Vct Plc
 PHI  Pacific Horizon Investment Trust Plc
 PIN  Pantheon International Plc
 PINT  Pantheon Infrastructure Plc
 PLI  Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust Plc
 PMGR  Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust Plc
 PMI  Premier Miton Group Plc
 PNL  Personal Assets Trust Plc
 PSDL  Phoenix Spree Deutschland Limited
 PSSL  Pollen Street Secured Lending Plc
 PU12  Puma Vct 12 Plc
 PU13  Puma Vct 13 Plc
 PUAL  Puma Alpha Vct Plc
 PUMX  Puma Vct 10 Plc
 RCP  Rit Capital Partners Plc
 RDL  Rdl Realisation Plc
 RICA  Ruffer Investment Company Ltd
 RKW  Rockwood Strategic Plc
 RMMC  River And Mercantile Uk Micro Cap Investment Company Limited
 ROOF  Atrato Onsite Energy Plc
 RSE  Riverstone Energy Limited
 SAIN  Scottish American Investment Co. Plc
 SBO  Schroder British Opportunities Trust Plc
 SBSI  Schroder Bsc Social Impact Trust Plc
 SCAM  Scottish American Investment Co. Plc
 SCF  Schroder Income Growth Fund Plc
 SCIN  Scottish Investment Trust Plc
 SCP  Schroder Uk Mid Cap Fund Plc
 SDP  Schroder Asiapacific Fund Plc
 SDV  Chelverton Uk Dividend Trust Plc
 SEC  Strategic Equity Capital Plc
 SEIT  Sdcl Energy Efficiency Income Trust Plc
 SGEM  Scotgems Plc
 SHRS  Shires Income Plc
 SIV  Sivota Plc
 SJG  Schroder Japan Growth Fund Plc
 SLFR  Slf Realisation Fund Limited
 SMT  Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Plc
 SOI  Schroder Oriental Income Fund Limited
 SONG  Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited
 SPPC  St Peter Port Capital Limited
 SQN  Sqn Asset Finance Income Fund Limited
 SSIT  Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc
 SSON  Smithson Investment Trust Plc
 SST  Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust Plc
 STS  Securities Trust Of Scotland Plc
 SUPP  Schroder Uk Public Private Trust Plc
 SVCT  Seneca Growth Capital Vct Plc
 SVM  Svm Uk Emerging Fund Plc
 SWEF  Starwood European Real Estate Finance Limited
 SYNC  Syncona Limited
 TEAM  Team Plc
 TEEC  Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company Plc
 TEM  Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Plc
 TFGS  Tetragon Financial Group Limited
 TFIF  Twentyfour Income Fund Limited
 THRG  Blackrock Throgmorton Trust Plc
 TI1  Trian Investors 1 Limited
 TIGT  Troy Income & Growth Trust Plc
 TIR  Tiger Royalties And Investments Plc
 TMPL  Temple Bar Investment Trust Plc
 TORO  Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited
 TPVE  Triple Point Income Vct Plc
 TRY  Tr Property Investment Trust Plc
 UAV  Unicorn Aim Vct Plc
 UBG  Unbound Group Plc
 UEM  Utilico Emerging Markets Trust Plc
 USA  Baillie Gifford Us Growth Trust Plc
 UTL  Uil Limited
 VEIL  Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited
 VEN  Ventus Vct Plc
 VEN2  Ventus 2 Vct Plc
 VIN  Value And Indexed Property Income Trust Plc
 VIP  Value And Indexed Property Income Trust Plc
 VNH  Vietnam Holding Limited
 VOF  Vinacapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Ld
 WINV  Worsley Investors Limited
 WKOF  Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd.
 WPC  Witan Pacific Investment Trust Plc
 WPCT  Woodford Patient Capital Trust Plc
 WSE  Work Service S.a.
 WSL  Worldsec Ld
 WTAN  Witan Investment Trust Plc
 WWH  Worldwide Healthcare Trust Plc
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