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April 19, 2018 -- ADVFN Crypto NewsWire -- Is the grand vision behind crytocurrency being fulfilled? With promises being made early on in the space related to making sending money internationally cheaper than ever before, crypto has never shied away from the major goal of connecting the world, in this way. In fact, Satoshi Nakamoto wanted this to be one of Bitcoin’s and therefore, the crypto industry’s, driving features.

Cryptocurrencies like Stellar and Ripple have based their entire operations around the idea that crypto should make the movement of money as easy as possible.

Despite this and despite Satoshi’s vision of a global, peer-to-peer currency network, Bitcoin largely seems to have become a store of value similar to gold.

In the last 24 hours, however, it’s been reported that LocalBitcoins, which some define as the crypto-industry’s equivalent to Craigslist, has been showing its true potential related to how Satoshi defined cryptocurrencies.

Before delving into how this has been playing out, if you do not already know what a peer-to-peer currency network is, think of it as a place where users buy and sell with other users. That’s it.

Users that want to sell Bitcoin on the site set a range of acceptable prices and the buyer decides which one that he or she wants to choose. For example,

Beyond this, the key differentiating feature of LocalBitcoins is that it allows you to find exchange partners where you live, so that you can even exchange Bitcoins, in person.

In countries like Venezuela, where inflation runs rampant and trust in traditional currencies is almost non-existent, trading volume on LocalBitcoins has risen rapidly recently. In fact, it’s been reported that last week, $55 million changed hands in Venezuela, Peru, and Tanzania alone. This is particularly noteworthy in that all of these countries are struggling to provide stable currencies to their citizens, due to various problems.

In this case $55 million changing hands in a week is also significant, in that it veritably blows said week’s US trading volume on the same site, out of the water. To put this into a bit of perspective, during this time, these three countries appear to have traded 6 times more Bitcoin than US citizens did, on the site.

Even though LocalBitcoins been around since 2012, it’s largely been thought of as a small player in the crypto industry, until now. On top of this, it’s often been criticized due to robberies related to the site as well as the way that it arguably facilitates criminal activity. Even so, the CEO of LocalBitcoins seems confident that his site could be leading the way in solving the basic problem of how to easily transfer Bitcoin to fiat and back, without a lot of hassle.



BY: BGN Editorial Staff



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