SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NorQuin) has entered into an exclusive commercial agreement with one of the world's largest ingredient suppliers, Ingredion Incorporated, which will distribute NorQuin's high-value quinoa flours, a non-GMO plant-based protein ingredient, to more than 120 countries worldwide.

NorQuin has invested more than two decades of research to develop proprietary, high-yielding, non-GMO varietals of quinoa which can be traced from farm to fork. As NorQuin CEO Aaron Jackson indicates, "we are thrilled to partner with Ingredion to bring quinoa flour and quinoa innovation to market at scale. Ingredion's global reach across 120 countries and their research and development expertise will dramatically help NorQuin's ability to drive the mainstream growth of quinoa in a variety of applications."

NorQuin's quinoa products also stabilize a market which has been traditionally affected by South American supply challenges and erratic pricing. "We have created the largest vertically integrated supply chain in North America to ensure supply and consistent pricing with local origin. NorQuin has partnered with North American family farms and is committed to food safety, quality, and traceability," says Mike Jewett, NorQuin's vice president of sales, "We are very excited about our new alliance and look forward to working with customers to commercialize new products."

True to NorQuin's core mission, this exclusive relationship with Ingredion makes quinoa more accessible to improve human health, improve the resource efficiency of consumed food, and expedite the development of quinoa products that will provide high-value plant protein with a complete amino acid profile. "Ingredion's global reach, deep-rooted distribution channels, and applications expertise will help accelerate NorQuin's growth and deliver on our fundamental objective," says Jackson. Jim Zallie, Ingredion's president and CEO agrees, "Consumers today are looking for foods and beverages made with real ingredients that are familiar, trusted, sustainably sourced and authentic. This latest investment complements our pulse-based protein portfolio, unlocks future growth opportunities and enhances our ability to co-create with our customers to deliver consumer-preferred foods and beverages that are nutritious and taste great."

NorQuin's products will augment Ingredion's existing line of pulse-based flours to include quinoa-based flours for use in snacks, crackers, baked goods, as well as dairy and meat alternatives. "Customer demand for plant-based protein is rapidly growing around the world, and we want to offer a full range of solutions that best meet our customers' needs," says Tony DeLio, Ingredion's senior vice president of corporate strategy and chief innovation officer, "working with NorQuin, we have the opportunity to further innovate and commercialize novel quinoa-based protein offerings for food manufacturers."

About Ingredion
Ingredion is a leading global ingredient solutions provider serving customers in more than 120 countries. With 2019 annual net sales of more than $6 billion, Ingredion turns grains, fruits, vegetables and other plant-based materials into value-added ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, animal nutrition, brewing, and industrial markets.

About NorQuin
NorQuin is a technology-enabled agricultural business headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company is a vertically integrated supplier of quinoa and quinoa derivative products that can be used in a variety of applications. NorQuin has been developing high-yielding non-GMO, novel varieties of quinoa for more than 20 years that are optimal for Canada's growing regions. Dedicated to its mission to improve human health through the food we eat, the company is focused on accelerating the movement of plant-based proteins. Please visit for more information.



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