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Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

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18/05/202423:26CointelegraphBitcoin's $66.9K price holds strong casting doubts on a 'deep correction'COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202423:10Crypto BriefingGenesis wins court nod to return $3 billion to creditorsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202421:00The Daily HodlAltcoin Tied to Security-Focused Crypto Wallet Surges by 43% This Week Amid Rollout of New Swaps FeatureCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202419:00NEWSBTCThis Crypto Trader Just Sold All His Bitcoin For Altcoins Like Cardano And XRP, Here’s WhyCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202417:01CointelegraphMicrosoft faces multi-billion dollar fine in EU over Bing AICOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202417:00The Daily HodlCryptoQuant CEO Maps Out Path Forward for Bitcoin Bull Cycle – Here’s When He Thinks It Will EndCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202416:32ZyCryptoZeebu Surpassed $2B in Total Payment Volume as Telecom Sector Adopts Cutting-Edge SolutionsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202413:48The Daily HodlWells Fargo Hands Fake $100 Bill To Customer, Issues Alert on Worthless Withdrawal and Counterfeit Cash: ReportCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202413:30Cointelegraph‘Godfather of AI’ advises UK government to start UBICOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202411:30The Daily HodlBillionaire Mike Novogratz Issues Warning, Says Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Hit a New High Without Macro AssistanceCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202410:30ZyCryptoCrypto Market 2024: Why Is This the Best Time for 99Bitcoins to Launch?COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202410:00NEWSBTCWhy Did Bitcoin Just Jump 10%? Blockchain Firm Weighs InCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202410:00NEWSBTCTether Adds Fresh $1 Billion USDT To Supply – Bitcoin To Rally Again?COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202409:57CointelegraphLayerZero identifies over 800k addresses in sybil self-reporting phaseCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202409:36ZyCryptoWill Bitcoin Cross $73,000 Next Week? — Here Are The Top Factors At PlayCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202409:26ZyCryptoMax Keiser Takes Big Dig At XRP, Says Ripple Created It To ‘Steal Billions From Fools’COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202409:09CointelegraphWhy is XRP price up today?COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202408:45The Daily HodlTop-50 Solana-Based Altcoin Primed for a ‘Much Higher’ Price, According to Crypto Trader – Here’s the TimelineCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202408:30CointelegraphAI safety researchers leave OpenAI over prioritization concernsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202406:52CointelegraphFeds bust $73M crypto scam, arrest two mastermindsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202406:15The Daily HodlCrypto Trader Says One Large-Cap Memecoin Is ‘About To Rip,’ Updates Outlook on Bitcoin and SolanaCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202405:57NEWSBTCCrypto Expert Willy Woo Predicts Bitcoin Has Room To Run – Here Are The DriversCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202404:43CointelegraphGenesis Global secures court approval for $3B payoutCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202404:40CointelegraphIf SEC approves spot Ether ETF, many ‘will be caught severely offside'COIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202404:04The Daily HodlBitcoin Bull Cycle Not Over by Any Stretch of the Imagination, Says Analyst Jason Pizzino – Here Are His TargetsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
18/05/202400:40The Daily HodlDo We Even Need Bitcoin ETFsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
17/05/202423:48CointelegraphBiden may rethink SAB 121 vote veto due to political support for cryptoCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
17/05/202423:00NEWSBTCOptimism Network Activity Metrics Approach Record Levels, Propelling OP 9% HigherCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
17/05/202422:26CointelegraphCrypto personality pleads guilty to fraud after promising 60% 'fictitious' returnsCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
17/05/202422:00NEWSBTCCrypto Post-Mortem: Here’s How Pump.Fun Was Exploited For $2 MillionCOIN:BTCUSDBitcoin
 Apresentando as notícias mais relevantes sobre:COIN:BTCUSD

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