Smart lock pioneers Nuki and U-tec select Silicon Labs solutions for Matter-over-Thread leadership

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in secure, intelligent wireless technology for a more connected world, today announced its solutions have been selected for use in the world's first native Matter-over-Thread smart locks. As more Matter-ready devices are deployed to streamline the connected home experience, companies require reliable and secure solutions to accelerate the time to market of their Matter-compatible products.

The U-tec Ultraloq Bolt Matter is the world's first Matter-enabled fingerprint smart deadbolt. Photo credit: U-tec

Austrian smart lock manufacturer Nuki is using Silicon Labs solutions in the fourth-generation Nuki Smart Lock, the world's first smart lock with native Matter-over-Thread support that adds smart capabilities to European-style door knobs. Silicon Valley-based smart lock manufacturer U-tec uses Silicon Labs solutions in its newly announced Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter, the first-ever biometric smart deadbolt lock with Matter-over-Thread.

"The companies leading IoT industry trends and setting the curve with Matter capabilities are coming to Silicon Labs for our Matter expertise," said Jacob Alamat, Senior Vice President for the Home and Life Business Unit at Silicon Labs. "As the largest code contributor to Matter of any semiconductor company, Silicon Labs has extensive expertise in the field, enabling our array of industry-leading Matter SoCs and modules and empowering strong, cutting-edge partnerships."

Silicon Labs' Ultra-low power Matter, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi solutions enable Matter-over-Thread in Nuki's Smart Lock
Nuki's fourth-generation Smart Lock is a retrofit smart lock for European-style doors. It is the first with native Matter support, meaning that users do not need a separate bridge or module to run their new smart lock in multiple ecosystems. The Nuki Smart Lock is supported by numerous Silicon Labs solutions, selected for their energy efficiency, security, and reliability in developing with Matter-over-Thread.

"As pioneers in the smart home sector, it was not only important for Nuki to be part of the Matter movement from the very beginning – but also it would have been unthinkable not to be. It is all the more rewarding that we could live up to this role with the launch of our fourth-generation smart locks. But this would not have been possible without a strong partner," explains Martin Pansy, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuki. "In over a year of intensive work on this project, Silicon Labs has constantly proven its expertise and shown that, as partners, they are the same as the solutions they provide: efficient and reliable."

The Silicon Labs Matter-certified MG24 SoC and EFP01 power management IC provide Nuki with the ideal combination for energy-efficient mesh IoT wireless connectivity using Matter, OpenThread, and Zigbee protocols.

Nuki is also using Silicon Labs' BG22 Bluetooth SoC to meet the unique requirements of high-volume, battery-powered Bluetooth products and the Silicon Labs WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver, which is ideal for secure, low-power IoT Wi-Fi applications and optimized for low-power and optimal RF performance in crowded RF environments.

Later this year, the Austrian company plans to bring its retrofit locks to the US.

Secure, high-performance SoC powers Matter-over-Thread in U-tec's Ultraloq Bolt
U-tec's mission revolves around empowering homeowners with innovative, user-friendly smart home solutions, creating products that enhance security, simplify daily life, and offer peace of mind through accessible, reliable technology. The reliability and security provided by Silicon Labs helps form the backbone of this promise in their latest smart lock.

U-tec's Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint is an advanced smart lock offering a six-in-one unlocking experience and multi-layered security. Empowered by the integration with Silicon Labs MG24 SoC, Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter will be the first smart lock with biometric recognition technology to support Matter-over-Thread.

"More than one million North American U-tec customers choose us because they seek a way to seamlessly and securely integrate connected devices into their homes," said David Huang, Strategic Partner Director at U-tec. "Silicon Labs has built a reputation as a leader in Matter and is a natural fit for our first Matter smart lock."

With critical features like high-performance 2.4 GHz RF, low current consumption, an AI/ML hardware accelerator, and Secure Vault™, the MG24 SoC enables U-tec to create intelligent, robust, and energy-efficient smart locks that are secure from remote and local cyber-attacks.

Learn more about Silicon Labs Matter Offerings
Silicon Labs is all-in on Matter, with a complete portfolio of hardware and software focused on Matter and expert support. This includes the opportunity to work directly with Silicon Labs engineers and experts in the new Silicon Labs Interoperability Lab in Boston, MA. There, engineers can evaluate products to see how they would work in a simulated home environment as they prepare for Matter certification.

If you are interested in getting started on a new Matter project with Silicon Labs, please visit:

  • Matter SoC and Module Selector Guide
  • Silicon Labs Matter Developer Journey
  • Matter Connectivity Standard FAQ

The new Nuki Smart Lock is designed to fit European locks. Photo credit: Nuki

The Nuki Smart Lock adds intelligence to your home entryway. Photo credit: Nuki

The Nuki Smart Lock fits seamlessly into a Matter-enabled home. Photo credit: Nuki

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